Madagascar in general has two very distinctive seasons:

  • The rainy season
    (December – March)
  • The dry season
    (April – November)

So the best season to come to Madagascar is between April to December because during the rainy season, many circuits are closed because of the Flood especially when there is cyclone. As Madagascar a great country there are also various micros climate between the different regions that we must not neglect. In the highlands, around the capital June to August the temperature varies from 4 to 20 ° C. In the West, North and South it is warmer rarely below 18 ° C. In the East and North East, it rains a lot only September to November that it does not rain. Rain gear and insect sting products should be provided.

If you are interested in seeing Lemurs with small and orchids in bloom you must come in October – November.

NB: You learned last year that we had the plague epidemic here, but this year it is already completely eradicated.

To wear: Rainwear mosquito sunscreen, torch, hat and other needs.