Marojejy is the most wonderful rainforest of Madagascar that requires good physical condition. Trekking for 3 days allows you to reach the summet and see Silky Sifaka, eastern bamboo lemurs, the famous Helmet Vanga if during the season (september to november) and many species of lemurs you should not miss in the East after discovering the biggest lemurs of Madagascar i Andasibe National Park


Day 1 : Arrival in Tana

Day 2 : fly to Sambava

Afternoon visit of vanilla plantation and make immersion to talk to people in a village and you can buy vanilla or other local crops.

Day 3 : Sambava-Marojejy 75 km 2 hours

Drive to Marojejy and reach the first camp

Day 4 : hiking in Marojejy

Hike in Marojejy and camp again for attraction Silky Sifaka, Mantella, Bamboo lemurs and helmet Vanga.

Day 5 : over day in Marojejy on camping again.

Day 6 : back to Tana

Out of Marojejy and fly back to Tana

Day 7 : Tana-Andasibe

Drive to Andasibe and visit of Andasibe National Park  to see the Indri Indri (biggest lemur of Madagascar), Diademed Sifaka brown lemur and the Private Reserve of Vakona to have fun with lemur because they jump on you and you can touch them.

Day 8 : Andasibe- Manambato 150 km 4 hours

To reach Palmarium from Manambato we have to take a speed boat and cross Pangalana Channel. Evening night walk to see Aye-aye the rarest nocturnal lemurs.

Day 9 : back to Tana

Speed boat back to Manambato and drive back straight to Tana but stop at Peyreiras to see Reptiles : cameleon, snakes and geckos then continue to Tana.

Day 10 : city tour of Tana and transfert to Tana and fly out.