There is a big climate contrast between South and East. The South is dry and East is humid with the Rainforest part of Madagascar. To talk briefly about the East, you should never miss the biggest Lemur called Indri-indri and the South is known for the Ring Tailed Lemur the most popular species of Lemur in Madagascar. This Itinerary suggests tourists to choose the complementary areas to the humid part of the Country and the spiny forest will be amazing.


Day 1 : arrival and drive to Andasibe village

Day 2 : visit of National Park Andasibe

Half day visit of National Park Analamazaotra or Mantadia to see Indri-indri, Diademed Sifaka, Brown Lemurs. In afternoon visit of the Private Reserve of Vakona to have fun with lemurs.

Night walk

Overnight in the hotel Andasibe.

Day 3 : Andasibe-Antsirabe 340 km 7 hours

Drive to Antsirabe in the Morning and in afternoon city tour of Antsirabe and local handcraft from zebu Horn and Miniature.

Overnight in Antsirabe.

Day 4 : Antsirabe-Ranomafana 260 km 5 hours

Drive to Ranomafana but stop sometimes to appreciate the landscape and viewpoints. Night walk to see mouse lemurs, frogs and cameleons.

Overnight in Ranomafana

Day 5 : visit of Ranomafana National Park

Visit of National Park of Ranomafana Rainforest to see Golden Bamboo Lemur, Grey Bamboo Lemur, Red bellied Lemur, Red Fronted Brown Lemur, Edward Sifaka and Black and white Ruffed Lemur.

In the afternoon, visit the Arboretum where you can see many species of introduced trees and snakes or cameleon.

Day 6 : Ranomafana-Ambalavao  100 Km 2 hours

Afternoon visit of the reserve Anja best place for Ring Tailed Lemurs known as Queen Julian in Madagascar Cartoon.

Overnight in Ambalavao

Day 7 : drive to Andringitra

Early drive to Andringitra National Park known as the second hihgest mountain 2640 m.

Overnight camping

Day 8 : hiking

Trekking to Andringitra for Diavolana hike you feel like you are in the Moon

Overnight camping

Day 9 : another day for hiking in Andringitra to reach the Pic bobby 2640 m for altitud.

Overnight camping

Day 10 : go to Camp Catta

Out of the Park and stay at camp Catta and you can see the Ring Tailed Lemur again.

Day 11 : Camp-Catta – Ranohira 250 km 5 hours

Short visit of Tsaranoro Valley and drive to Ranohira

Overnight in Ranohira.

Day 12 : visit of Isalo National Park

Full day visit of National Park Isalo with alternative of Canyon with Natural Swimming pool, waterfall and dry in the open Area. In this National Park we can see Ring Tailed Lemur, Verraux Sifaka, Red fronted Brown lemur and species of Birds such as Benson’s Rock Thrush that s endemic Bird there.

Overnight in Isalo.

Day 13 : Isalo-Ifaty 280 km 5hours

Drive to Ifaty but stop at Zombitse to see the Baobabs, birds and lemurs.

Overnight in the hotel in Ifaty

Day 14 : visit of the Spiny Forest

Early morning visit of Spiny Forest to see, Baobabs, Birds such as Long Tailed Ground Roller, Hook Billed Vanga, Green Capped Coua and Subdesert. You can go for whalewatching swimming or snorkeling

Overnight in the hotel in Ifaty

Day 15 : drive to Tulear and take a flight to Tana.

Overnight in the hotel

Day 16 : City Tour of Tana and Fly out