This Itinerary offers tourits different kinds of Landscape (Rainbow Landscape because of different colors mixed together) and National Parks. Naturalists are impressed by the environnemental diveristy. Baobabs, dancing lemurs, Blue eyed lemurs, indri-indri could be easily found in this Schedule. This is also good Itinerary  for Birds watching mainly in  Ankarafantsika. Red Tsingy is typical to the North and Nosy-Be is the best tourists destination thanks to its Beautiful Beaches we remind you that you can be in contact with local people thanks to help of your guide.


Day 1 : arrival in Tana

Day 2 : Tana- Ankarafantsika 460 km 8 hours

Early drive to Ankarafantsika.

Day 3 : visit of Ankarafantsika national Park

Full day visit of Ankarafantsika to see coquerel Sifaka, Brown Lemurs, Blue Vanga, Schlege’s Asity baobabs and Canyon. At evening, Night walk to see Lemur Mangoose, Mouse lemurs, Geckos and Cameleon.

Overnight in hotel nearby

Day 4 : full visit of Ankarafantsika national Park

Explore the Park for one full day visit to see coquerel Sifaka, sportif lemur, brown lemur and for birds : Blue Vanga, Schlege’s Asity. Canyon and landscape are spectacular. Overnight in the hotel nearby

Day 5 : Ankarafantsika- Antsohihy 320 km 6 hours

After breakfast we keep driving to Antsohihy

Overnnight in the hotel of Antsohihy.

Day 6 : Antsohihy- Ambanja 200 km 4 hours

Departure to Ambanja but stop on half way to see the Blue Eyed Lemur. Afternoon visit of cocoa plantation also other Crops like Vanilla, Coffe and Pepper or Corcumma.

Overnight in the hotel Ambanja.

Day 7 : Ambanja- Ankarana  130 Km 3 hours

Departure to Ankarana. In the Afternoon, Immerse : visit of Mahamasina Village at the Park intrance.

Overnight in the hotel Ankarana.

Day 8 : full day in Ankarana National Park

Today we spend our time to visit this National Park to see some species of birds, lemurs Limestone and Caves.

Overnight in the Hotel Ankarana.

Day 9 : Ankarana- Diego-Suarez 108 km 4 hours

Drive to Diego but on the way take the Junction to the red Tsingy 17 km on secondary road to see the spectacular formation of Red Soil ans Sandstone eroded by Acid Rain called localy « Tsingy Rouge », have a Pic-Nic there and continue to Diego.

Overnight in the hotel

Day 10 : visit of National Park Amber Mountain 60 km 2 hours

Departure to the Rainforest of Amber Mountain about 04 hours there are Crowned lemurs, Sanford Brown Lemurs, Ring tailed Mangoose, the Smallest Cameleon in the Word. More than 1.000 species of plants found there.

Overnight in the hotel in Diego-Suarez

Day 11 : Diego-Ankify-Nosy-Be 150km 6 hours

Early drive to Ankify and take a speed Boat to Nosy-Be about 45 mn crossing the Mozambique Channel.

Overnight in the hotel in Nosy-Be

Day 12 : visita round

Take a speed boat and go to a small Island nearby Nosy-Be called Nosy « Tanikely » that is a small Park run by Madagascar National Park with lemurs. When you are back to the mainland, drive to a nice view Point at Mont Passot and back to Your hotel at evening.

Day 13 : city tour

City tour of Nosy-Be before reaching the Airport to fly back to Tana and drive to Andasibe.

Night at Andasibe

Day 14 : full day visit of Andasibe National Park

Morning visit of Analamazaotra National Park to see Indri-indri, Diademed sifaka, Eastern Bamboo lemur and Red fronted Brown lemur.

Afternoon visit of Vakona Private Reserve with a small Island of friendly lemur.

Evening night walk to see nocturnal lemur such as grey mouse lemur, fat tailed dwarf lemur and avahi.

Day 15 : Andasibe-Tana (150km, 3h)

Drive back to Tana and transfert to Airport to take a fly out