This program is very special with combination of wildlife, River Trip, Landscape and Tsingy. There are Lemurs Species to see : Aye-Aye, Indri-Indri, Verraux Sifaka, Madame Berthe Mouse Lemurs, Diadem Sifaka, Bamboo Lemurs, Fork Marked Lemurs. The River Trip is Amazing and Tsingy Explore is adventurous Sunset in Baobab Avenue is unforgetable for your Trip.


Day 1 : Arrival in Tana

Day 2 : Tana – Andasibe (150 km  3 hours)

Visit of Andasibe National Park one of the Rainforest of Madagascar and in this Park you can see some species of Lemurs such as Common Brown Lemurs, Diademed Sifaka, indri-indri.

In afternoon you can go to Vakona, it’s a Private Reserve to enjoyable time with friendly Lemurs that they are used to People.

At evening night walk visit

Overnight in Andasibe

Day 3 : Andasibe – Manambato – Palmarium (150 Km 04 Km)

After Manambato you take a speed Boat to Palmarium on crossing two Big Lakes and Pangalana Channel. When you will arrive at your Hotel there are a lot of species of Lemurs say to you welcome to « Ankan’ny Nofy » or Nest of Dream.

At evening before diner it’s a good time to visit the Biggest Nocturnal Lemurs « Aye-Aye ».

Overnight in Palmarium

Day 4 :

Day time to visit Palmarium Reserve such as Crowned  Lemur, Macaco Lemur, Indri-Indri, Varecia Variegata, Tortoise, Birds and Vanillia Plantation. And you can also visit the Carnivorous Plants.

Overnight in Palmarium

Day 5 : back to Tananarive

Transfert by Boat to Manambato and drive Back to Tananarive

Overnight in Tananarive

Day 6 : Tananarive – Miandrivazo (400 Km 9 hours)

Today is long drive to the west side of Madagascar called Miandrivazo. On the way to Miandrivazo we will stop at Ambatolampy to see one familly group making « kooking pot by Aluminium ». After that you continue to Antsirabe that is the fourth Biggest City of Madagascar. In Antsirabe you can visit a small factory for Handcraft such as a lot of Souvenirs mading by Zebu Horn.

Overnight in Miandrivazo

Day 7 : river  trip

Start a River  Trip of Tsiribihina to enjoy he amazing time. Fantastic Landscape and you can see Birds and Cameleon. This is also the time you can see Malagasy People crossing the river with their canoe from side to side and they make living.

Overnight on camping

Day 8 : river trip

Here there is more chance to see Lemurs making Sunbath on the Top of the Trees Early Morning and you can see a lot of species of aquatique Birds, raptor birds and Crocodiles aswell.

Overnight on Camping

Day 9 : end of the River trip

Mornng river trio and finish at 11 :00 PM and drive to Bekopaka. You walk about 1 :30 to reach your Four Wheel Drive and can meet many local people carrying charret by Zebus.

Overnight in Bekopaka

Day 10 : visit of Big Tsingy

That is very adventurous you hike to reach the Top os Sharp Tsingy.

Overnight in Bekopaka

Day 11 : visit of Small Tsingy and drive to Kirindy

Kirindy is known as a good place for Night Walk because of Madame Berthe Mouse Lemurs the

Overnight in Kirindy Forest

Day 12 : visit of Kirindy Forest

This is a good time to see a Fosa that is the Biggest Carnivorous of Madagascar and the Predator of Lemurs, Cameleon and Snakes. In afternoon you drive to Morondava but you stop at the Avenue of Baobabs for Sunset.

Overnight in Morondava

Day 13 : fly back to Tana

Overnight in Tananarive

Day 14 : city tour before heading back to the Airport for your Fly Out.