The most popular Itinerary of the Country thanks to its Beauty in Wildlife and Landscape. The Western part with Baobab, Fosa and Impressive Landscape. These are species of Lemurs to see in this Itinerary ; Ring Tailed Lemurs, Madame berthe Mouse Lemurs, Crowned Lemurs and Western Fork Marked Lemurs. Remember that in the South you will discover also the Spiny Forest.


Day 1 : arrival time in Tana

Overnight in Tananarive

Day 2 : Tana – Miandrivazo (400 km 9 hours)

Long drive to Miandrivazo

Overnight in Miandrivazo

Day 3 : Miandrivazo – Morondava (270  km 5 hours)

Long drive to the West side of Madagascar to the capital of Menabe. Menabe is one of the 22 Regions of Madagascar and in afternoon drive to Baobab Avenue for Sunset and back to Morondava.

Overnight in Morondava

Day 4 : Morondava – Kirindy (60 km 2 hours)

Departure to Kirindy Forest and stop at Camp Amoureux for lemurs Spot and to see the loving Baobab. In afternoon its a day time  visit of Kirindy Forest to see Fosa, Verraux Sifaka, Red Fronted Brown Lemurs, Giant Coua, Red tailed Vanga and Geckos. At evening, night walk to see nocturnal lemurs such as Fat Tailed Dwarf Lemurs, Grey Mouse Lemurs, Western Fork Marked Lemurs and Madame berthe Mouse Lemurs.

Overnight in Kirindy forest

Day 5 : Kirindy –Antsirabe  (550 km 12 hours)

Full day on driving from Kirindy Forest to Antsirabe.

Overnight in Antsirabe

Day 6 : Antsirabe – Ranomafana (250 km 6 hours)

Drive to Ranomafana from Antsirabe and you can visit some workshop in Ambositra because Ambositra is on of the good place to buy some souvenir from local Wood Curving. In evening you can go to the Night walk to see Lemurs, Frogs and cameleon.

Overnight in Ranomafana

Day 7 : visit of Ranomafana National Park

Full day of Ranomafana National Park to see The Three species of Bamboo Lemurs such as Grey, Golden and Greater Bamboo Lemurs, Milney Edward Sifaka, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, red Bellied… in afternoon visit of American Research Center.

Overnight in Ranomafana

Day 8 : Ranomafana – Isalo  (360 km 7  hours)

Drive to Isalo and

Overnight in Ranohira

Day 9 : visit of Isalo National Park

Attraction Canyon, Green Forest with Lemurs, birds, Natural swimming Pool and waterfall. And the Landscape is dominated by the sandstone formation which offers spectacular View.

Overnight in Ranohira

Day 10 : Isalo – Ifaty (250km 5 hours)

Long drive from Ranohira to Ifaty and Beach relax in the afternoon.

Overnight in Ifaty

Day 11 : visit of Spiny Forest

Early morning visit of the Spiny Forest for bird watching : Long Tailed Ground Roller, Hook Billed Vanga, Subdesert Mesite, Sportive  Lemurs and Baobabs. As Ifaty is on the Beach, this place is good for snorkeling, and whalewatching also.

Overnight in Ifaty

Day 12 : Ifaty – Fianarantsoa  (550 Km 12 hours)

Long drive back to Fianarantsoa.

Day  13 : Fianarantsoa – Tananarive (400 km 10 hours)

Continuation to Tananarive.

Day 14 : city tour and transfert to the Airport.