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About Authors

First of all, thank you for choosing and reading our site. This website belongs to Marolahy Joachinm an Ahmed Abdallah Idinane Akram. We work together for creating our Website and Company.

Both of us are guides for ten years now. Our company is based in Tana (capital of Madagascar).

We come from the vanilla coast, the North-East part of Madagascar. Joachim studiedFrench and English languages applied in Tourism and got Bachelor Degree. Ahmed studied in National Institut of Tourism for 3 years.

For many objectives why we create this company :
We want:

  • to develop tourism in Madagascar
  • to share with tourists our experience and knowledge of Madagascar
  • to protect the endangered species of wildlife by sensibilizing the local Malagasy People
  • to have a better economy not only for us but also for local people by supporting poor kids in the public schools.

In conclusion, we choose « Madagascar Lemurs tous » as Name of our company because that is the most popular Tourism attraction of our country. And those animals are terribly endangered so we want to participate of protecting them. Finally we are proud to have them and we invite readers to choose us and travel to our lovely country.


Madagascar and its tourists attraction

Madagascar, a paradise Island !
Why ?
The main tourists attraction of Madagascar are : lemurs, Baobabs, limestone (Tsingy), Beaches, culture, Landscape….

Madagascar has more than 105 species of lemurs and they are all endemic to our Island. 06 Species of Baobabs are endemics among 09 species in the world. For birds more than 240 species have been found and more than half are endemic.

Whoever comes to Madagascar, he says »wow !» Thanks to the beauty of the Country. The climate contrast between North-South, East-West allows the nature to adapt in different regions depending on where is suitable climate for them. That means when you travel place to place, you discover new things. For example, Ring Tailed Lemur are typical to the dry forest in the South and indri-Indri the biggest lemur is found only in the Rainforest of Eastern Madagascar.

In conclusion, Madagascar is a Paradise Island because there is no Predator or dangerous insect or other dangerous animal except scorpion bites but not deadlly and crocodiles.

Finally, decide to come to Madagascar and travel with Us then you won’t regrets.